Board Members

Check here for news and information about your Benton City Water Supply Corporation Board Members.

Board members are elected to serve 3 year terms. Elections are held each year to fill the spots from qualified candidates. The elected board members are sworn in at the Annual Meeting.

2024 Annual Meeting & Election

The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 7:00 pm in our large meeting building. All members of BCW are welcome to attend to hear about the year in review, upcoming plans and more.

We will be holding an election for 3 Board of Director spots. Members of BCW who meet the qualifications can submit an application and petition to be put on the ballot. The due date to be considered for the ballot is Tuesday, February 23, 2024. If you have any questions about the process, please contact our office. You can click on the links below for information and the application:


BCWSC Board of Directors

President Leroy Goodson 2023 - 2026
Vice-President Rhonda Bermea 2022 - 2025
Sec./Treas. Kimberly Faulk 2023 - 2026
Director Kye Mask 2024 - 2027
Director Robert Sanchez 2024 - 2027
Director Bonnie Tapp-Sallee 2022 - 2025
Director Charlie Digges 2023 - 2026
Director Jonathan Lowe 2024 - 2025
Director Rena Morales 2024 - 2027
Thank you Mr. Miller & Mr. Lowe