Current Projects

BCW understands that keeping our system up-to-date and well maintained is a priority that benefits us all. This includes everything from production such as wells, pumps, and plants, to the distribution which includes water lines, valves, and flush valves. Look here to find information on current projects happening in our system to enhance your water service. 

Well Upgrades and Maintenance

BCW has made upgrades and maintenance/rehabilitation to 3 of our wells. This will ensure our equipment is operating properly and as efficiently as possible. It will also extend the life of our wells and save on future expenses. We are also looking at adding new wells and have started the process.

General Field Maintenance

Periodically, we replace valves and other items in the field to keep them operating smoothly. This is happening throughout the system in preparation of higher demands.

Main Upgrades

CR 7713, Devine - We are upgrading approximately 5,000 feet of main line to 4" pipe. This will allow more capacity/connections in the area to meet growth demands. Construction will begin on this project Spring 2023 and take approximately 3 months. 

CR 779, Devine - The main line in the area of CR 779 and IH 35 will be upgraded to a 4" line. This will increase our ability to serve new members in the area. The project is in the design stages and should begin by Spring of 2023.