Member Water Line Survey

Benton City Water Supply Corporation is asking for all members to determine what materials are used in all customers' water service lines (From the meter to your home/ building) in the distribution system and to complete a survey to identify the water service line material on their property no later than October 1, 2024.

This inventory is part of the Environmental Protection Agency's 2021 Revised Lead and Copper Rule.


A customer's water service line connects the water meter to their house or business. The property owner is responsible for maintaining or replacing this line, which will either be PVC, copper, galvanized steel or lead. 


Lead service lines were banned in 1986 because of Federal Safe Drinking Water Act amendments. So, if a home or business was built in 1988 or later, that property likely does not have a lead line. Lead is not in the drinking water when it leaves Benton City Water Treatment Plants. The risk for lead coming into water originates from pipes and plumbing made from lead. The best way to eliminate any risk is by taking out lead pipes and plumbing.


Members who can't easily access their service lines or identify the material should mark “unknown" on the survey. Benton City Water crews will assess the service line later in the process. 


When water customers complete the survey, Benton City Water will be able to provide accurate data to the EPA and TCEQ. Upon fulfillment of this Line Inventory, Benton City Water may be eligible for federal funding to help private property owners with replacing lead and galvanized service connections.


Members can respond to survey in the following ways: 

  • Online 
  • Mail the completed survey with their monthly water bill.
  • Complete the survey in person drop off a completed survey at the Benton City Water Supply Office, 980 FM 3175, Lytle, TX 78052 

In compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Lead & Copper Program, Benton City Water Supply is conducting a Water Service Line Inventory to classify the materials used for your water service line and indoor plumbing.

Please answer the following survey questions so we may better serve you.