Residential Services

Benton City Water Supply Corporation is a member-owned organization. Below are details to establish service with us. If you have any questions, please email us or contact the office.



Accounts must be established by the property owner as shown on the Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust. We cannot accept any other documents as proof of ownership. Renters/Others can be added using the Alternate Billing Agreement. The property owner is liable for all charges regardless of having a renter/other listed.

Once your account is established, you will be given an Account Number and Meter (Location) Number. You must have one of these numbers when contacting the office. Please store them in a convenient location, such as your phone.


Residential Hydraulic Study

For property that has never had water service or for additional services on your property a Resdential Hydraulic Study is required. An engineer will perform the study and a water availability report will be provided.

  • The Hydraulic Study is $100.00 non-refundable fee.    

Please note, if the property is in a subdivision, a Residential Hydraulic Study may not be required if you are requesting the initial service. Please contact the office to confirm if a hydraulic study is needed.

All additional meters on a property require a Residential Hydraulic Study even if located in a subdivision.


New Services

All new services require a Member Application, copy of the Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust (signed & notarized, all pages) and valid Photo ID. In some cases, additional items shown below are also required.  You will be notified if these are required once the hydraulic study is completed.


  • Standard Service starts at $1,900.00
  • Non-Standard Service starts at $2,900.00 (if a bore or trench is required to connect from our main to your property)

Additional requirements, if needed

  • General Easement filing fee - $26 1st page and $4 for each additional page
  • TxDOT Permit - $250.00 Standard Service or $350.00 Non-Standard Service

Existing Services

Re-instate Service - If the property had service that has been cancelled for 30 days or more

  • $700.00 

Transfer Fee - If the property has current service or was cancelled less than 30 days

  • $300.00


All rates listed include a $200.00 membership fee. This fee will remain in you account until your account is cancelled. 


Cancellation & Transfer of Membership

If you sell your property or no longer want service, submit a Member Cancellation form available on our website or at the office. When we receive it, the meter will be locked at that time. We will take your final read, issue a final bill and apply your membership fee. Any remaining membership balance will be refunded to the name on the account.  Please note, you are responsible for all charges until we receive your cancellation or the new owner submits their paperwork.




Benton City Water Supply Corporation is an EQUAL Opportunity Provider and Employer. All information on this website is subject to change without notice.

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